5 Films That Provide a Glimpse at Human Rights Issues from around the World

Signed in 1948, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights was born out of the experiences of World War II. It was created to provide a common understanding of the fundamental rights of people as human beings. And it serves as the foundation on which the ideals of freedom and justice are built. But despite the efforts to promote human rights, there are many abuses, violations, and other issues that affect marginalized groups of people worldwide. Here are some of the best films to watch that provide a glimpse at human rights issues from around the world.

A Quiet Inquisition (2014)

This film depicts the story of Dr. Carla Cerrato. A gynecologist working at a public hospital in Nicaragua, she struggles between following Nicaraguan anti-abortion laws and treating women whose lives are at stake.

Malcolm X (1992)

This biographical film tells the story of a controversial black activist, his imprisonment, and how his assassination left a legacy on the civil rights movement.

Sepideh (2013)

Sepideh is about a teenage girl who lives in a rural area in Tehran, Iran. It is a tale of a girl dreaming to become an astronomer in a place where gender roles make it almost impossible for a woman to achieve her ambitions.

The Wanted 18 (2014)
ows that produce dairy for a collective formed by Palestinians. The dairy farm cooperative was part of the Palestinian boycott of Israeli goods in the 1980s. The movie follows the success of the success of the “Intifada milk” produced by the 18 dairy cows as well as the efforts to protect them when the cooperative dairy farm was considered as a national security threat to Israel.

What Tomorrow Brings (2015)

Set in a small village in Afghanistan, the film is a story that takes a look into the challenges and the struggles two teachers and three students. The teachers and students are part of the Zabuli School which is the first all-girls educational facility in the village.